Biomimicry Design Challenge

Biomimicry is a design approach, or even a life approach that helps us see and imitate the amazing functionalities that nature has been developing for around 3 billion years. Ideas Brocolis took part in the anual 2012-2013 Biomimicry Challenge organised by the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute, where a new design was developed in order to reduce the poverty in the access to water throughout the World. What a better way to think on how to capture water than looking at how nature has been doing so for years and years!

Take a look at our final presentation of the project:

An international analysis of slums we conducted ourselves made us realize that slums are a worldwide phenomena with different geographical and climatic contexts, sizes, levels of infrastructure and environmental, social/ political problems. The slum we chose is Bhalsawa in Delhi, and to understand it better, we used the expertise of a former Delhi resident.


We then had to backcast from our vision

a sustainable future where water scarcity in the slums of Delhi is no longer an issue

The first recognition is that the product or system that we design would take us in the right direction towards that future, and stand as a platform for future development, not a catch-all solution.

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