Do you have an innovative digital based idea that has the potential to address a specific societal challenge??

That was the question proposed by CHEST (Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks), a 30 month Collaborative project co-financed with support from the European Commission. IdeasBrocolis participated with the next project idea:::

Idea Outline

foodPreneurs is a digital platform which provides local small food sellers with a community to rethink and promote their business models in order to survive against the monopoly of big commercial areas, by using new tools and the support of customers.

The Challenge 

Local markets and grocery stores, also known for their relevance in the social life of a neighbourhood, are more and more being socially excluded by big commercial areas. Losing the shopping experience, the relation between the salesmen and the neighbours, and mainly, the consumption of fresh and quality products are some of the consequences. Markets are driven by experienced people that lack the skills to creatively rethink their business to compete against big supermarkets. Even though those sellers are placed next to each other, they feel a lack of support and collaboration channels. Besides, the daily buyer, as essential part of the urban market, cannot access information about food origins, its characteristics, its supply chains and the socio-environmental impact that it generates.

The Solution

foodPreneurs is an international small food sellers web platform to promote and redesign their food business models. It combines the tool BusinessModelFood, a market flows mapping and a critical analysis of each seller made by customers based on sustainable and socio-economic criteria. As a result, new ideas emerge to redesign and adapt their business to current societal needs. Ideas are published in the platform and through crowdsourcing, receive feedback from food selling peers and potential customers to validate it. The platform is combined with workshops, bringing together the sellers and other stakeholders within a local market to rethink more sustainable food business models. If awarded, we will run a pilot market project (flows map, workshops and prototype ranking tool and platform) 

Target group and social impact 

foodPreneurs regains the connections among neighbourhoods, their inhabitants, and the micro-economies that happen within those. Economic flows, specially food flows are essential to strengthen the social life and foster more sustainable lifestyles, since both the act of buying and the act of eating are essential in European societies’ daily life. Further, foodPreneurs helps confront the economic crisis and the monopoly of big commercial surfaces, by helping small local sellers adapt their businesses to the needs of the new consumers, which through the platform will become a sort of prosumers, contributing to the redesign of the shops where they buy in, becoming more engaged with those small markets. At the same time it will reactivate local economies, and the consumption of local produce. 



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