• foodPreneurs

    IdeasBrocolis has participated in 30 month Collaborative project co-financed with support from the European Commission, with the next project idea: foodPreneurs. A digital platform which provides local small food sellers with a community to rethink and promote their business models in order to survive against the monopoly of big commercial areas, by using new tools and the support of customers.
  • Lego Serious Play Workshops

    IdeasBrocolis has collaborated with “SITinVET” project in a serial of workshops where we have used Lego Serious Play methodology as a social inclusion technique to avoid dropouts in vocational education and training. We use this methodology to enhance team working, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and for the creation of new learning methods based on motivating, playing and discovering your own abilities.
  • Erasmus+ Accelerate Workshop

    Our first encounter with the world of European Erasmus+ Projects took place in September 2013. During five intese days IdeasBrocolis together with other three organizations from Belgium, Austria and Spain got together in the beautiful coast of Galicia to give a boost to all the ideas we had been maturing in our minds. You will be able to see the results of this meeting in the near future, in the EU Projects section.