Who are the Brocolis?

Silvia Martín                Itziar López                    Laura Weiss                 Anita Berner

  @silvitou                        @itziarlpc


IdeasBrocolis was born after a growing together in the the lush green nature in the very the last corner of the cold  Sweden, Karlskrona. Here we had the opportunity to be part of a transformative Masters Program, called Master’s in Strategic Leadesrhip towards Sustainability (Silvia, Laura, and Anita) and Master’s in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (Itziar). This program has shaped us in various ways, mainly equipping us with the leadership skills to shape our future. The innovative learning methodologies we experienced throughout this year made us want to spread this knowledge, as we believe it to be crucial in the challenges our society is facing. We decided to create Ideasbrocolis to continue to learn and grow together and to have an impact on people lifes by sharing this knowledge.